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Friday, 12 October 2012

Kobo Writing Life: The First Few Months

By Donovan Starr

     Kobo Writing Life has been around for a few months now. Like many authors, I’ve chosen to take the plunge with them on a limited basis. My results? So far, it hasn’t been so great. I’ve sold some downloads, but I can’t say it’s anything like Amazon.
     Don’t get me wrong. They do seem to embrace authors much more than Amazon does (and certainly more than traditional publishers). Amazon is good to authors, but they don’t seem to go out of their way to make sure the writer really feels at home the way Kobo does.
     Here’s my hitch: they can’t sell books with the same ability as they have to treat the author right. I like to be treated properly like anyone else would, but the bottom line still comes down to how many downloads I get. As I see it, Kobo needs to change a few things in terms of selling stock.
     For one thing, you can’t use keywords in your meta data nor can customers leave tags the way they can with Kindle or Nook. That means customers can’t find your titles with ease (though some sites make it harder to find erotica anyway). Second, there are far fewer features to properly categorize a book with other likeminded titles. There are some, but not nearly enough.
     I’ll stay the course with them, though. Luckily their royalty rates are higher (like I said, they treat authors like gold). Here are some titles I currently have on Kobo.


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