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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Guy of the Week: Eli Manning

     Okay, so it’s back to jocks this week. That seems fair since I write so many gay erotic stories about jocks, doesn’t it? Anyway, this week’s honored guy is New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. I think we can remove the Peyton’s Little Brother tag now. I mean, he’s literally won twice as many Super Bowl rings as Peyton for crying out loud.
     Eli’s looks are unique. When he entered the NFL in 2004, he had a general cuteness about him, but it lacked a certain maturity. ‘Boyish’ good looks wouldn’t be quite right (that’s really what he has right now). So, rather than having his looks decline with age, or us being glad that he’s kept his looks, he seems to get better looking with each passing year.
     It doesn’t hurt that he’s learned what to do with his hair. His brown locks look much better when they’re grown out and wavy rather than cut short. He’s also tall with great brown eyes to match his hair and has a great smile. What else could someone want in a man?
     Eli’s not gay—that we know of—but there have been rumors about Peyton and Kenny Chesney. I’ve heard people say it about Eli, too, but I wouldn’t put too much stock in that. At the very least he offers a heaping helping of eye candy for all to enjoy.

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