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Friday, 18 September 2015

Guy of the Week: Josh Donaldson

     Can I say enough about how hot Josh Donaldson is?
     The answer is no, probably not.
     One of my first thoughts about the Toronto Blue Jays slugger is that he's got the best ass in baseball. The truth is he didn't get seriously hot until he was traded to Toronto from the Oakland A's. I think the hair has something to do with it. His hair was curlier then and he had more of a weird mullet going then. Now his hair is straighter and it's more of a flat mohawk he's rocking these days. It definitely works better for him.
That's Josh at the mound, believe it or not. I took this pic at Rogers Center as he was about to hot a home run.
     To shave or not to shave? For my taste, he looks much better clean-shaven, partly because his facial hair grows in kind of patchy. Sometimes a guy can make something slightly imperfect work for him, and sometimes Josh does look good with a beard, but I'm still leaning toward beardless Josh.

No shirtless pics of this guy around. Sorry, folks. Judging from some of the pics I've seen, he does keep himself in pretty good shape. This is an area where something being left to the imagination isn't necessarily a bad thing.
     Josh isn't gay, sadly. He has a girlfriend named Gillian who, in my opinion, is one lucky gal.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Kissing Thomas Olsen: A Gay Young Adult Romance Story

To Michael and Troy, nothing is more important than kissing Thomas Olsen, the cutest boy in school. In fact, it’s so crucial that they bet on who can do it first. Both boys to go whacky and outrageous lengths to get that kiss while Michael later gains much more than he’d bargained for.

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Friday, 7 August 2015

Three Simple Rules for Talking to Boys: A Gay Young Adult Romance Story

When Russ is approached at school by Ryan, his constant admirer, he remembers his Three Rules for Talking to Boys. Those rules command a boy to be dynamic and confident when asking another boy out. When Russ falls for the masked local teen wrestler, The Cannonball Kid, he puts those rules to good use, only he finds himself wanting to revise his own Rules.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Dallas Maxwell: A Gay Young Adult Romance

Dallas Maxwell is Buffalo’s most famous gay teen—in his own mind. When sexy Southern football player Scott Feltrin arrives on the first day of school, nothing can stop Dallas from making him his boyfriend . . . except maybe for his rival, T.D. Austin. Hilarity meets the heartwarming as Dallas and T.D. Austin pull out all the stops to win Scott’s heart.

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Friday, 24 July 2015

Guy of the Week: Daniel Norris

I was going to use a different guy for this week and had the photos ready to go. And then I met Daniel Norris in Buffalo and realized he was far too sexy not to profile on this blog immediately. It was actually right down on the field at Coca Cola Field where the Bisons play. He’s a pitcher for the Triple-A team and is part of the Toronto Blue Jays roster.
Norris was born in Johnson City, Tennessee in 1993. Though he’s a fairly good pitcher, that’s not even the most interesting aspect of him. The most interesting thing about Norris is that he quite literally lives in a van down by the river.
Yep, Daniel Norris received a $2 million signing bonus from the Blue Jays, but he lives on $800 a month and lives in a van in the offseason. This van is a 1978 Volkswagon he calls Shaggy. (Yes, as in the Scooby-Doo character).
Is he gay? Well, online comments have pointed to it, but I don’t know. Guys say this because they have a hard time thinking women would be interested in a guy who lives in a van (no matter how hot he is). On the other hand, I’ve read women’s comments online about how insanely hot he is. So, how knows?
All that matters to me is the guy is hot—and unique. Some of the time, he has a lumbersexual thing going on. I don’t think that’s his best look. I’ll take him scruffy or clean-shaven.
Actually, I’ll take Daniel Norris any
way I can get him.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Slap Shot!: A Gay Young Aduly Romance Story

When Patrick finds out he wasn’t invited to Joshua’s birthday party, he’s devastated. After all, they’ve been boyfriends for six months. The championship game looms, their relationship takes a sharp turn and Patrick worries he can’t deal with it all. When Patrick must come to Joshua’s defense on the ice, he finds the courage to put their love back on track.

Guy of the Week: Blake Swihart

     Have you ever been in love?
     Or is it lust?
     When I first got a load of Boston Red Sox catcher Blake Swihart, I thought I was experiencing at least one of them. But, with a hunk as choice as Swihart, how could it not be a little of both?
     I hadn’t heard of Blake until I saw the Sox play the Blue Jays. When he went to bat, I couldn’t help but take notice of his very stunning face. Funny since he’d spent the rest of the game with a back catcher’s mask on. That’s one of the bigger tragedies going, if you ask me. Anyway, I did some digging after that.
     Apparently he was one of the best high school baseball players in the United States. After, he played in the minors for the Portland Seadogs and the Pawtucket Red Sox. But enough about his history. Let’s just talk about his ass.
     Just kidding. Sort of . . . .
     Usually, I like to debate about whether the week’s object of desire is gay or not. He isn’t. Well, if he is, he very sadly doesn’t know it. Also, there were no shirtless pics of him on the web. The good news is that Blake seems incapable of taking a bad picture. Seriously. Some hot guys take bad pictures and you can only appreciate their true beauty in person. With Blake Swihart, every ounce of his hotness bleeds into the picture.
     In a way, he kind of reminds me of former guy of the week Trent Edwards.
     All I can say about Blake Swihart is forget Viagara. If I ever need to find a cure for impotence, I'll just swoon over pictures of his sexy mama and that should take care of the problem just fine.
     So, now that you’ve had time to pick your jaw—or tongue—up off the floor, be sure to check out everything Blake Swihart has to offer. Even if you’re a Yankees fan!