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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Banging the Barklay Brothers: A Gay Menage

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Here's a peek at my new story!

Kendric, the ugly duckling, had a massive crush on Josh and James Barklay, his high school’s brother studs. Now a year removed from high school, Kendric has become a swan and notices the brothers at the gym where he has sculpted his own physique. He wants a piece of them badly, but he doesn’t know how to approach them. When he’s caught watching them change in the locker room, he doesn’t know how to act, but his wildest dreams are about to come true.

This hot gay erotica story includes graphic gay sex, voyeurism, gay menage, gay public sex and anal sex. Great for enjoying on your e-reader or tablet. Do not download if you are under 18.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Guy of the Week: Matt Keeslar

     Technically this should be considered "Oldies buy Goodies" week, because I usually feature relatively younger guys. But I have to feature Matt Keeslar because, frankly, he's too good looking to be overlooked. He's older than he looks--and age is really just a number as long as someone looks impeccable--and he might even be one of those guys who will never lose their looks to age or to anything else for that matter.
     I only recently became familiar with Matt from watching an episode of Masters of Horror called "Family", which co-stars George Wendt. Matt plays the role of a relatively young doctor who's daughter has been murdered by the psychopath who he follows from California to Wisconsin in order to seek revenge.
     So, what's so darned great about Matt? Well, for me, it's mostly in his face and its minute features. The dimple in his chin--among other things--makes him look like Tom Brady. And who can argue with that? There's also a wholesomeness about him that I find especially hot. Also, he's in great shape without being a hulking muscle monster. That's important, if you ask me.

    It also behooves me to find shirtless pics of a guy like this for your viewing pleasure, and I had no trouble finding them at all. So enjoy!