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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Guy of the Week: Reid Ewing

     Two weeks in a row featuring a non-athlete. Is that a record? Anyway, this week I’m featuring Reid Ewing. You’ll know him as the dimwitted yet loveable Dylan on Modern Family. What do I like about Reid? Well, his height doesn’t hurt, but one needn’t be tall to be attractive. Not everyone goes for the lanky look, but it seems to work for him. Several hairstyles seem to suit him which is a plus for anyone. He has boyish good looks that could fade after he’s thirty (he’s twenty-four as I write this), so enjoy them while you can. His Youtube videos show a wonderful sense of humor which counts as a nice intangible quality of hotness.
     In addition to Modern Family, he’s been in Wendys’ commercials as part of their “Where’s the Beef?” campaign. He also had a supporting role in the 2011 Fright Night remake. I wouldn’t say he make a big splash in that movie, but it was still a major motion picture, right? He’s also an avid musician who wrote and performed the song “In the Moonlight (Do Me)” on Modern Family.
     Now for the four hundred pound gorilla in the room. Is he gay? He he he, I can’t answer that one for you. Some of his Youtube clips seem to imply it, but the guy in the videos with him could well be a good friend. That’s still quite possible. It would be nice if he could follow in the footsteps of Neil Patrick Harris, Ellen Degeneres and even his Modern Family co-star and come out of the closet (assuming that he is), but everyone comes out in their own way. And not everyone feels the need to advertise it, so that’s okay, too.
     Anyway, here’s to Reid. I’ve never needed an extra reason to watch Modern Family, but he sure is an extra bright spot.

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