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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Coming Out Party

Sean doesn’t want to just come out of the closet—he wants to do it in style. So, he throws a ‘Coming Out’ party and invites all his friends and family for his big announcement. But really, he wants to let Dusten Michaels, the boy of his dreams, know he’s available. But for all his effort, Dusten doesn’t seem to take his hints. Sean nearly goes mad going back to the drawing board repeatedly. Will Dusten ever fall in love with him?

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Guy of the Week: Kiko Alonso

     What can I say about Kiko Alonso aside from the fact that he’s sexy as hell . . . and I’m really sorry he’s no longer a Buffalo Bill. I’m writing this just days after he was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles.
     Kiko was born in Newton, Massachusetts in 1990 and was raised in Los Gatos, California, the home of Smashwords. Oh, and the all-time hottest Buffalo Bill, former Guy of the Week Trent Edwards went to Los Gatos High, just like Kiko.
     Kiko is of Cuban descent and has managed to make a few different looks work for him. The curly-haired look, the brush-cut look, that sort of thing. Now, the only shirtless shot of Kiko is from November 2014 after a horrific snowstorm in the Buffalo south towns. He demonstrated a unique, snow-related approach to physical therapy.

     One last word about Kiko Alonso—he’s one linebacker I wouldn’t mind having sack me for a ten yard loss.