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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Guy of the Week: Eric Decker

     Who’s the hottest, hunkiest NFL player?
     Tom Brady comes to mind most often. David Carr topped the list when he was still playing. A poll was actually taken and it was won by Arizona Cardinals kicker Neal Rackers, which was a really strange pick.
     As I see it, the current title holder just might be Jets wide receiver Eric Decker. He has those underwear model looks. Underwear model looks and an underwear model’s body. He’s slightly flawed, but that’s okay, maybe even preferable. By that I mean that the fact that his teeth aren’t perfectly straight like many hot guys’ teeth are, but that’s all part of his charm. There’s no shortage of shirtless pics of him out there, so I chose the best one to post here.
     He’s straight. Very straight. Straight and married, which is maybe the only other drag about this guy. You can’t win them all, though. When a hot guy like Eric Decker is just slightly out of reach, you just kick back and enjoy the view.