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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Fucked by the Firemen: A Gay Gangbang Story

Amazon UK

David is rescued naked from a fire started by one of the neighboring tenants. When he comes to, he finds himself surrounded by a group of hunky firemen, and quite a display of arousal at that. Despite his arousal, the firemen seem oblivious to him so, when he moved into his new apartment, he does everything necessary to grab their attention and to offer up his body so they can have their way with him.

This hot gay erotic story features rough group sex, smokin’ hot guys, come shots and a ton of raunchy fun. Great for reading on your e-reader or tablet and for reading while playing together or while on your own. Do not download if you are under 18.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Free Christmas Smut Story

Okay, it's actually a romance story, too. And it's short. I wrote this story quite a few years ago now, but I'd like to offer it to you, my wonderful readers, as a holiday gift. Consider it a thank you for following me here on this blog and for downloading my stories. Without you, writing wouldn't be a viable job for me, so the least I can do is offer something for free this time of year. I promise that next year I'll write a brand new story to offer for free. In the meantime, enjoy and Happy Holidays!


Different Families
by Donovan Starr
     Christmas Morning
     “How much did you see?” Steve asked.
     Noah stared into his lap at the breakfast table.
     Steve didn’t want him to feel bad, but he’d done so much sneaking around these two years that he knew he’d be caught eventually. And then he would have so much to explain.
     “I saw you with Santa.” Noah played with his fingers. “And you two were . . . it looked like you were kissing him. But it just couldn’t be that, you know? I didn’t know what to think. I knew I wasn’t supposed to be out of bed until morning, but I couldn’t sleep and . . . .”
     Steve tousled his eight year olds’ hair. Then he glanced at Trent who’d almost finished preparing scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. Crispy all around, just like Noah liked them.
     Steve had defeated Trent in their war over who would buy Noah the Rescue Pack toy that Noah had pointed to every time they’d gone to Wal-Mart. Trent had wanted to be his hero in buying him his dream gift, but Steve wouldn’t relent. When the package was reduced to an empty box and balls of wrapping paper, Steve knew he’d won him over. Yet he knew that Noah’s love for Trent hadn’t diminished.
     Since Melanie passed away, Steve had had so much to explain. Not just to Noah, but to himself. He and Trent had long considered when to sit Noah down and explain some hard facts to him, but they weren’t sure what age was right. Or if there would ever be a perfect time. Steve wanted to wait until he was old enough to understand and accept his Dad the way he was. Given television’s content these days, he decided there was little he could explain that Noah hadn’t heard of.
     “I’m so sorry I came downstairs, Daddy.” Noah’s eyes were glassy. “I swear, it’ll never happen again!”
     Steve threw his arms around him. “You don’t have to be sorry. You’re young, but I think it’s time we had a big kid talk.”
*     *     *
     Christmas Eve
     Steve thought Cassie Reaman a saint for babysitting for him the way she had the last eight years. Sometimes high school friends really were forever, he thought. Despite the cash Steve tried to slip her, she always waved it off and said to call whenever he needed her. After Melanie’s death at twenty-three, she had been his friend and support system.
     As had Trent.
     During his marriage, he hadn’t wanted to admit his own desires. He could never break it to Melanie, or so he’d thought. They’d given birth to Noah when they were eighteen and Steve had missed the chance to understand himself. After Melanie had died, he’d been granted that chance, yet he’d kept everything quiet from Noah. And certainly he meant no offense to Melanie’s memory.
     When Trent walked into his life, Steve saw a chance to start over, though he hadn’t been looking for one. That was the way of it for most people, he decided. And there he was, with a mop of brown hair and a buzzed-down beard and thin moustache. He had the look, yes, but Steve had to know if he had the personality.
     Trent had come on to him at a Christmas party two years ago and Steve almost warned him that he was straight. Except that he couldn’t say so truthfully. Yes, he had a son. And yes, he’d been married, but at twenty-four he’d hardly had time to know himself enough. He’d taken time to grieve and to start over at square one.
     From there, he and Trent had developed a relationship that Steve had always dreamed of. He’d had a special relationship with Melanie too, but this felt different. Steve introduced Trent to Noah as his friend, and he’d known him no other way. Maybe Noah sometimes thought of him as Dad’s special friend, but Steve doubted that he would’ve connected the dots the way an older kid might.
     Now that two Christmases had passed, Steve had asked Trent if he was ready to be serious about their future. Trent said that he was and that telling Noah about their relationship would be an important first step. They needed to normalize their lives for him, he’d added. Steve agreed and hoped that he would grow up thinking nothing of it.
     Tonight, Cassie had offered to sit for Steve so he and Trent could celebrate their two-year anniversary. Trent had decided to dress up as Santa Claus for the party—anything to amuse his fellow guests—and kept the costume on when they’d arrived home.
     Cassie had tucked Noah into bed and said her own adieu a half hour and a cup of coffee later.
     Now, with an empty house, Steve noticed that look in Trent’s eyes. He knew it so well. Steve pulled his Santa beard down a pinch and kissed him full on the lips. Trent laughed, reached around his back and cupped his ass.
     Then Steve heard a pounding noise on the stairs. Their lips broke apart. Trent kept the eager look, but Steve’s concentration was breached.
     “You hear something?” Steve asked.
     “It’s nothing.” Trent leaned in for a kiss.
     Trent was always eager to get down to business. He had Steve’s tie and buttons loosened, his dress shirt splayed open, and his belt unbuckled, before Steve could finish expressing his concern. As usual, Steve gave in to him, and he shelved his worries.
     Besides, he found something decidedly kinky about this. He and Trent had tried the gamut of experiments to jazz up their sex life, but a Santa costume held a naughtiness all its own.
     Steve pulled the beard over Trent’s head, but left the hat on. He looked so damn sexy with the red suit, the hat with the mop sticking out the sides, and a brown, buzzed-down beard of his own. How could he resist?
     When he tore the red jacket open, Steve saw that Trent had worn nothing underneath. His firm, smooth, oval-shaped packs stood out as did his six-pack abs. A tiny trail of hair ran from his belly button down into his Santa pants.
     Steve wiggled out of his dress shirt and hauled the undershirt over his head. Trent ran his hands up and down Steve’s stomach and finished unbuckling his belt. Then Steve shoved Trent onto the couch, creating a smile. He eased Trent’s Santa pants down to his knees and that he’d worn nothing beneath those either. Then Steve helped him kick out of his pants and dropped to his knees.
     Steve burrowed between Trent’s legs and took him into his mouth. Trent gasped at the touch, and his head rolled back and forth on the cushion, but he knew enough not to moan loudly. Steve had trained him to savor the pleasure without waking Noah.
     When Steve pulled him out of his mouth, Trent reached for Steve’s zipper. His dick pointed at him, straight as a ruler. Trent cupped his balls and slid his length into his mouth slowly, inch by inch. Steve grasped the back of Trent’s head while he sucked.
     Two years ago, Steve had never been with a man. He’d only ever dreamt of a man’s touch and had never tried to realize that dream. He wasn’t ashamed to admit that Trent was his first and only. He’d only needed time to adjust to something new. At first, he never would’ve thought of himself as a bottom, but Trent had introduced him to a wild new sensation, a fresh experience. Steve always started on the bottom, but they always reciprocated.
     Trent reached into the drawer for the lube and condoms. Steve greased himself while Trent rolled the condom down his length. Then he slathered his cock with lube and eased himself into Steve’s ass.
     Steve closed his eyes and held his breath until Trent was the entire way in. As he bucked, Trent pinned Steve’s legs back, pressed their bodies together, and kissed Steve’s lips.
     The art of teasing always kept them hot. Now that they were so close to coming, Trent pulled out. Then Steve stood up and rolled a condom on while Trent greased up. He slid into Trent inch by inch, but from behind. He straddled Trent’s hips and pounded him with his face down in the cushions. After, he stretched out on the couch and let Trent ease down onto his cock.
     Sex for them seemed different from the way others made love. Neither of them insisted on climaxing during penetration. They preferred to enjoy that together. Once each felt ready, they tore the condom off, held one another and locked lips. Their cocks were always snug in one another’s hands.
     As they’d done for two years, they lay in one another’s arms, and jerked each other off. Their tongues slid into each other’s mouths as they came onto one another’s stomachs.
     After, Steve decided that this would be the last time they would make love like this. Now was the time to be open about their relationship.
     Steve always felt spent and ready to sleep after any romp, but he wouldn’t rest when he had business to take care of.
     Steve glanced at Trent. “You know what we’ve got to do in the morning, right?”
     “You’ve got it.” Trent nodded. “Let’s do this right.”
*     *     *
     Christmas Morning
     Steve decided he’d explained his situation as best he could to an eight year-old. At first, Noah’s face was blank, but he’d expected no less. That Noah hadn’t cried or stormed out of the room seemed like a small miracle.
     “So, does this mean Trent’s gonna come live with us?” Noah asked.
     Steve first turned to Trent as if for permission. “It might. It just might. But for now, we’re taking everything a day at a time.”
     “But what about Mommy? Don’t you . . . .”
     Steve knew how that sentence would finish, and he still felt unprepared to answer him. The answer he’d practiced was that he’d loved Noah’s mother, and that he still had special feelings for her, but that it was a different kind of love from what he felt for Trent. He refused to patronize his son, or to lessen his answer.
     Instead, Steve wrapped his arm around his son. “You know no one can ever take your Mom’s place. She’s too special to be replaced. But I know she’d want me to move on with my life, and live it the way I need to. You know, according to my heart? Being with Trent and sticking by him is what my heart’s telling me.”
     Noah’s expression stayed stoic, but Steve knew a smile was imminent. He knew his boy was a trouper.
     “Sometimes people have different kinds of families,” Steve said. “It’s not always a Mommy and a Daddy. And, if Trent wants to move in with us, we’ll have a different kind of family, but that’s okay. We’ll all be as close and happy as ever. See what I mean?”
     Trent scraped scrambled eggs onto their plates and refilled Noah’s juice glass. Then he tousled his hair the way Steve did.
     Noah nodded. “Then this year, Santa just brought me a second Daddy?”
     Trent smiled. “It might seem hard sometimes, but it’s something we can all make work if we stick together.”

Guy of the Week: Seth Gamble

     I became a huge Seth Gamble fan the first time I saw him. This was on It wasn’t much, but I instantly knew I was hooked. I used to wonder how porn stars found a following, but a following for Seth Gamble made complete sense to me. His eyes and dimpled chin remind me very much of a young John Travolta.
     A native of Rochester, New York, Seth Gamble has bounced around the USA. He seems to have found his calling early as he’s been around for a few years now and, as of his writing I believe he’s about twenty four years old. What’s notable about Gamble is his incredibly lean physique. In the world of straight porn, the appearance of the male really doesn’t matter much, so I’m glad the outfits who’ve hired him actually care about that part. He’s well hung for an average-sized guy and has plenty of stamina. It seems that he does a lot of milf movies, parodies and scenes based on doing someone’s sister, whether it’s his best friend’s sister or a girlfriend’s sister.
     Speaking of straight porn . . . that isn’t the only type of porn Seth Gamble does! He’s also been known to do some gay porn and the videos aren’t hard to find. In these videos, he uses the name ‘Troy Gabriel’ and has a different haircut, presumably to avoid any overlap with his hetero work. I’m fairly certain that it’s a gay-for-pay situation, so I would hate to disappoint anyone who thinks that he might actually be gay. Even though he isn’t gay, you can still enjoy seeing him partake of some hot man-on-man action.
     This might be the first time I’ve had a guy of the week in which you can actually go and see him in all his glory – and see him do his best work. So, go on. What are you waiting for?