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Sunday, 25 November 2012

"Gay" Love in the Age of Zombies - Something New in Gay Horror


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     Chip Morris, book worm extraordinaire, must come to grips with his crush on jock Junior Bentley who has tormented him for years. Worse, he must do so during the zombie apocalypse and while the entire world has gone mad. Their escape from chaos brings them together to lead a life they never thought possible.
     In this coming of age, LGBT young adult novel, the strength of the meek overcomes the power of the strong, and the possibilities for the modern family are re-imagined.

I want to recommend this book partly because I'm a huge horror fan, but also because I wish more books like this one had been around even a few years ago. Sure, lots of lgbt teen books are now in print, but I can only think of maybe one or two others that fall into the horror genre. I haven't read a book exactly like this before and it definitely does something different. Check it out -- it's available in all formats as an e-book and is also available in print at Amazon.


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Slave Boy Sam: A Rentboy Story

Here's another story I have out that I really like....
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Busy businessman Rob wants someone to do some chores around the house. Some cooking, cleaning and laundry. But that someone absolutely has to be a stunning and hung young man who is willing to do this chores in the nude and to be willing to do a bit more. College student Sam fits the bill so perfectly that Rob hires him even though he won’t give in to all of his demands. But Rob is a guy who gets what he wants, not matter how much he must take control or how much punishment he must dish out to get it.

This sizzling hot story includes bondage, oral sex, rough sex, bdsm, spanking, and so much more! Do not download if you are under 18.

Longhorns Movie (An LGBT Dramedy)

     Who said that lgbt movies have to be sad or even serious? Okay, Longhorns has its serious side, but so much of it is tongue-in-cheek that the seriousness is extremely easy to digest. I recently saw this movie on Netflix and wasn’t sure what to expect. Let me tell you it had me laughing right away and for mostly the right reasons.
     Set in 1982, Longhorns explores the lives of Cesar (Derek Villenueva), an openly gay student at the University of Texas, and Kevin (Jacob Newton), a frat boy who cannot entirely come to grips with same sex attraction. Therein is the film’s appeal from an intellectual standpoint. What makes someone gay? Can you engage in homosexual activity without actually being gay?
     My answer to the latter is yes. Absolutely. Experiencing same sex attraction does not necessarily make someone gay. Wanting to have sex with members of the same gender—even if you act on it—does not necessarily change your sexual orientation. What makes someone gay or legitimately bisexual is the emotional attraction that one feels. At the risk of adding a spoiler, Kevin does eventually acknowledge some emotional attraction to Cesar, though the rest of the cast only ever admits to lust for other men.
     What this film does is clarify the fact that sexuality isn’t black and white. Human sexuality is far more complex and diverse than “gay” and “straight” and that same sex attraction by straight people is not only normal but is fairly common. My only criticism of the film is one situation that I felt was too unbelievable. This situation involved Kevin and one of his frat buddies in bed masturbating to porn. Straight guys do masturbate together, but only in the same general vicinity. They wouldn’t be naked. Side by side. In bed. And if one guy reached over to crank the other guy’s dick, it would be much more of a shock because it would be of a completely different sexual nature.
     For you skin buffs, there is a ton of full frontal nudity in this film. In fact, I don’t think there’s a guy in this movie that doesn’t strip down and show his junk off to the viewer. So, if that turns your crank, you’ll definitely want to see this movie.
     Overall this is a movie worth seeing so long as you don’t try and take it too seriously. Sit down to view it with a sense of humor

Tim Tebow's Girlfriend

     So, I saw a report on Yahoo about Tim Tebow and his new girlfriend livin’ it up at a bowling alley in Jacksonville, Florida. That’s a fair thing to do during the Jets’ bye week, I suppose. But I call sham on anyone who thinks this girl is his legitimate girlfriend. Young woman have something else to worry about and it isn’t his girlfriend. Tim Tebow is a very gay man, which means the girls swooning over him really won’t have a chance.
     I don’t say he’s gay as a negative thing (obviously), but more of a statement of fact. Mannerisms and clich├ęs don’t mean everything. Some very straight-acting men have turned out to be gay and vice versa. But I don’t buy that in his case. If you ask me, it has more to do with the fact that he’s very Catholic and could never come out of the closet or even come to terms with his sexuality for himself.
     He’s a very good looking dude, though. With a body like his, why not put it to better use with the same sex?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Grocery Store Gangbang

Here's a look at one of my new stories!

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Mitchell is not only the odd man out at Granby’s grocery store, but he also gets bullied. He would do something about it, but his co-worker bullies also happen to be smokin’ hot guys. Sometimes he dreams of what they could do to him behind closed doors. They could use him then discard him. He begs for them to do their worst. When he’s caught staring at Steve, the ringleader and hottest of them all, he is forced into the most humiliating yet arousing act of his life. Then the act is followed by so much more . . . .

This sizzling hot story contains graphic depictions of sexual acts including gang banging, anal sex, oral sex, fingering, rimming and come shots. All characters depicted are over 18. This story should not be downloaded by readers under 18.