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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Gay Romance and Women Readers

    Women love gay romances. They love gay erotica, too. I know that because I receive a lot of e-mail from female readers who explain that, while they are heterosexual women, they just happen to enjoy tales of men falling in love, getting it on, or both. But why? I suspect it’s for different reasons than why straight men love hearing about hot lesbian sex.

     I’ve heard that they like the idea of a man having to be submissive. Granted, one is still being dominant, but perhaps just one submissive male is satisfactory. It might also seem kind of sweet that they are enjoying each other’s sexual company. That’s the erotic side, but it doesn’t necessarily account for the purely romantic side of things.

     Two hot guys are better than one, which might be the appeal for some. Happily ever after is always important and the idea of two men in love being the happily ever after is more satisfying. After all, they had to break down more barriers in order to achieve their everlasting love and to live happily ever after. Therefore the straight female reader may feel more satisfied.

     Another thing to consider: these romances should be devoid of themes of AIDS, bullying, suicide, etc. A lot of gay fiction does deal with those issues, but driving towards the happily ever after is far more upbeat and optimistic. I’m the kind of guy who would rather have a realistic ending than a happy one (necessarily), but I understand how business works. You can’t deny a happy ending to a reading audience who is paying good money to have one. Otherwise your sales won’t move very fast.

     I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you’re a straight female and read gay romance or erotica, what is the appeal?
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