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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Guy of the Week: Tom Brady

     I know, I know, another football player. Like last week, I’m profiling said football player just days after seeing him play live. I saw Tom Brady play when the New England Patriots came to Buffalo. During warm ups, Brady had his butt sticking out in the air, pointing in my direction, and life was good. I should have taken a picture of that with my phone, but I was a tad too entranced.

     Tom Brady is another one of those guys who will never lose his looks. Ironically, he wasn’t that impressive until he reached superstardom by dethroning Drew Bledsoe as the Patriots’ starting quarterback. But something happened that year—maybe it was winning a Super Bowl.

     Tom dated a supermodel (no kidding, eh) and impregnated her for his first son. Then he married his current wife, another supermodel named Giselle with whom he’s had another child. Tom has appeared all over, including GQ magazine. He has absolutely perfect teeth and knows how to make the unshaven look work for him. Fine features don’t usually work for football players, but they sure do for him.

     Shirtless Brady pics are out there. He doesn’t have a great body, but he doesn’t have to. With a face like his, he can afford to have an average physique. Besides, being some hulking, ripped guy could throw the rest of his looks off-balance. Seriously.

     So, feast your eyes everyone and enjoy J



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