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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Interview with Andrew Stark

     Andrew Stark is the face (and other parts) recognizable from Randy Blue, a swell site for the best in gay porn. This Colorado cutie has all the looks and moves to please the For the Luv of Men audience. So, naturally I wanted to have a sit down with him - and here he is. Enjoy!

Donovan Starr: What features do you find most attractive about other men? Would your followers be surprised by your preference?    

Andrew Stark: It wouldn't surprise people because it's not really something out of the ordinary. I like someone tall, decent build, I'm a big fan of nice pecs, nice smile and eyes, maybe some scruff. Pretty much a similar version of me...

DS: What is the sexiest intangible quality you see in a man?  

AS: Romance. I'm a very romantic and passionate person. If you can match my love of affection, I'm yours

DS: How attracted to your partner must you be when doing a scene? How much does their personality figure into your attraction to them?  

AS: I have been very fortunate to work with studios of such high quality that I never have to worry about if my partner will be attractive or not. And I'm a very open minded person and one who gets along with just about anyone so I rarely have a problem during scenes

DS: What is the sexiest scene-shooting location you can dream up? Any unique situations?  

AS: Let's see... You follow a trail of rose pedals down a hallway lite only by candle light to a set of double doors where muffled soft music can faintly be heard. The doors open to several doves in flight to reveal a room covered in rose pedals and velvet. In a wash of deep red colors, you see a heart shaped bed that spins and more pillows then you would ever need. Your partner is wearing nothing but a silk robe draped over the appropriate areas and holding only a bottle of lube.

DS: Common problems named by porn stars are the ability to maintain an erection for long periods and to ejaculate on cue. Those aside, what do you find to be porn's greatest challenge?    

AS: Dating. I love being in the industry and find very few challenges while being on set but the biggest problem off set is dating. It's difficult to find someone understanding enough to keep a committed relationship. A hazard of the business, I guess...

DS: Do you and your partner discuss sexual desires and turn-ons to create a genuine feel to the scene?  
AS: Not usually. I always ask if there are do's and donts but a lot of times, someone's specific desires can't be fulfilled and still go along with the scene.

DS: How much freedom do you and your partners have in constructing the scene? Do you take commands from directors or are you free to be creative?  

AS: It depends a lot on the other scene partner and filming crew. Sometimes the director knows exactly how the scene needs to go but I'd say a good portion of the time they're up for creative input. And "free flow" is always encouraged since that shows more chemistry and the fact that we're really into each other comes thru onto film

DS: Randy Blue seems like a genuine fraternity. How do friendships made on set affect scenes?    It can only help. Take Travis James for example. We knew each other before we shot (in fact, we asked to film with each other) and it made it only that much more intense. Not only was it a lot more fun, in the end, I made him cum 3 times. I consider that bragging rights!

DS: What's the hottest thing a partner can do to rev you up for a scene?   It's all in the foreplay. I want it drawn out, hot and heavy. Don't just go straight for my zipper, take your time and slowly work your way down. Chances are, you'll have my pants tight and begging to come off by then.

AS: What do you think is the most common misconception about working in the adult industry?   We all aren't STD infected sex-aholics. At least with the studios I've worked with, we are all tested thoroughly and most of the performers have steady boyfriends/girlfriends. I, however, am single but I'm not screwing anyone who shows interest.