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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Guy of the Week: Chris O'Donnell

     Okay, a non-football player/athlete this week.

     I have a thing for guys who never lose their looks. These are guys who, in fact, look pretty darn good with the odd gray hair. Maybe they looked better when they were younger, but who could look better in their older age than them? Chris O’Donnell is one of those guys. He’s clearly taken care of himself and some people just have better genes than others.

     I’ve been familiar with O’Donnell since early in his career and really fell in love with him in A Farewell to Arms in which he plays a young Ernest Hemingway. Before you have any doubts about this film, I should point out that it includes a scene of him dancing naked with a girl, showing his bare butt. Do you need another reason to see this movie? I thought not.

     What do I love about Chris O’Donnell? Let’s start with his eyes. They’re killer. Then there’s his smile, which is punctuated by his dimples. These days he sports the occasional unshaven face, which is great. Maybe it wouldn’t have suited him as a younger man, but he knows what works for him at any given time. The same goes for his buzzed down look as opposed to his moderate locks of yesteryear.

     Did I mention he has five kids? That means the guy is a machine . . . you know what I mean ;)

     Anyway, you know I can’t let this go without offering a shirtless pic (if any are out there. So, enjoy!


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