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Friday, 18 September 2015

Guy of the Week: Josh Donaldson

     Can I say enough about how hot Josh Donaldson is?
     The answer is no, probably not.
     One of my first thoughts about the Toronto Blue Jays slugger is that he's got the best ass in baseball. The truth is he didn't get seriously hot until he was traded to Toronto from the Oakland A's. I think the hair has something to do with it. His hair was curlier then and he had more of a weird mullet going then. Now his hair is straighter and it's more of a flat mohawk he's rocking these days. It definitely works better for him.
That's Josh at the mound, believe it or not. I took this pic at Rogers Center as he was about to hot a home run.
     To shave or not to shave? For my taste, he looks much better clean-shaven, partly because his facial hair grows in kind of patchy. Sometimes a guy can make something slightly imperfect work for him, and sometimes Josh does look good with a beard, but I'm still leaning toward beardless Josh.

No shirtless pics of this guy around. Sorry, folks. Judging from some of the pics I've seen, he does keep himself in pretty good shape. This is an area where something being left to the imagination isn't necessarily a bad thing.
     Josh isn't gay, sadly. He has a girlfriend named Gillian who, in my opinion, is one lucky gal.