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Friday, 24 July 2015

Guy of the Week: Daniel Norris

I was going to use a different guy for this week and had the photos ready to go. And then I met Daniel Norris in Buffalo and realized he was far too sexy not to profile on this blog immediately. It was actually right down on the field at Coca Cola Field where the Bisons play. He’s a pitcher for the Triple-A team and is part of the Toronto Blue Jays roster.
Norris was born in Johnson City, Tennessee in 1993. Though he’s a fairly good pitcher, that’s not even the most interesting aspect of him. The most interesting thing about Norris is that he quite literally lives in a van down by the river.
Yep, Daniel Norris received a $2 million signing bonus from the Blue Jays, but he lives on $800 a month and lives in a van in the offseason. This van is a 1978 Volkswagon he calls Shaggy. (Yes, as in the Scooby-Doo character).
Is he gay? Well, online comments have pointed to it, but I don’t know. Guys say this because they have a hard time thinking women would be interested in a guy who lives in a van (no matter how hot he is). On the other hand, I’ve read women’s comments online about how insanely hot he is. So, how knows?
All that matters to me is the guy is hot—and unique. Some of the time, he has a lumbersexual thing going on. I don’t think that’s his best look. I’ll take him scruffy or clean-shaven.
Actually, I’ll take Daniel Norris any
way I can get him.