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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Back Together. Really??

     Twilight fans will be glad to know that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are back together. The whole thing strikes me as a bit fishy, though. Forgive me for a bit of negativity here, but I want to express a few thoughts. First, if you’ve got Robert ‘Edward Cullen’ Pattinson wrapped around your little finger, why the hell would you cheat on him? The guy is generally gorgeous and isn’t likely to lose those looks either. If you’re willing to blow your relationship with the guy that so many Twilight teeny-boppers would kill to have, you can’t be that bright.
     Second, I question whether or not these two are in a genuine relationship. In my previous paragraph, I questioned Kristen Stewart’s intelligence, but that really shouldn’t be necessary. R-Patz and Stewart are together because it’s a way to continually sell the Twilight franchise. It’s also a way to help sell tabloid magazines and to draw attention to the film’s leading stars. Since it’s a steamy, sexy romance, it would naturally seem cool for Pattinson and Stewart to have a steamy and sexy romance off-camera.

     For a while, they’re everyone’s darlings, but once the attention wears off, they need something new to happen. Hence Kristen’s ‘affair’. It’s something that’s meant to refocus attention on themselves so they can push Twilight movies and more tabloid magazines. It’s no different than Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez being an item. It isn’t love at first sight, true romance or a genuine connection between them. It’s a Hollywood-manufactured courtship.
     But it’s okay. How could I not forgive Robert Pattinson? Just for fun, he’s a shirtless pic of our dear Edward . . . . 

Guy of the Week: Scott Fujita

     This is the return of the weekly “Guy of the Week” feature. This week I’ve chosen to profile Scott Fujita. Currently Scott is a linebacker for the Cleveland Browns and I even had a chance to see him in action (in person) just a few days ago. The Browns lost to the might Buffalo Bills in that game and Scott was the only Brown I was cheering for. Can you blame me?
     Scott is caucasion but was adopted by Japanese parents hence the Japanese last name. He was raised with numerous traditional Japanese customs like eating with chopsticks.
     So, what makes Scott Fujita so hot? Let’s start with his flowing brown locks. Really, the color suits him and it shines in a manly way. Then there’s his strong jaw line. Let’s not forget about those muscles, shall we? He’s not one of those refrigerator-shaped linebackers. No, he’s solid muscle, guys.
     Don’t get your hopes up, though. He’s married. However, he’s an adamant supporter of gay rights, which I think is pretty cool. The only bummer is that he was suspended for apparent involvement in the NFL’s Bounty Scandal. But can you believe that anyone so handsome could do something so heinous? I’ll let you be the judge. In the meantime, enjoy some fetching pictures of this hunky stud.