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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Guy of the Week: Cameron Deane Stewart

     I fell in lust with Cameron Deane Stewart when I first watched the Geography Club movie. I’m a big fan of Brent Hartinger’s Russel Middlebrook books, so I was really eager to see a movie based on them. And, let me tell you, I couldn’t ask for anyone
better to play the part of Russel.

     See, Russel Middlebrook is a very charming young gay boy, so you need a very charming guy to play the part. As far as I know, Cameron Deane Stewart is straight, but he’s still very charming not to mention very, very hot. Look into those eyes of his and tell me I’m wrong. I double dare you!

     I’m not sure what my favorite feature of this hunk is. It might be his eyes, his smile, his jawline . . . I don’t know. Maybe there isn’t just one feature about him that’s the hottest. To me, he really is the total package. Oh, and get this: he’s intelligent, modest and open-minded. Looks and personality—talk about a double threat!

     Watching an YouTube interview of his, I saw just how open-minded he is about playing a gay character. I was glad to know a guy as hot as him isn’t a jerk. That would ruin everything, wouldn’t it?

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