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Monday, 26 January 2015

Guy of the Week: Christopher Rice

     In an effort to bring you hotness from guys who aren’t athletes or porn stars, I want to show you, my faithful readers, a more intellectual hunk. An artistic hottie. There’s no need to tell you how hot Christopher Rice is. It’s pretty self-explanatory, if you ask me. I mean, if you look at that sculpted jaw and those eyes, you’ll know exactly what I mean. He’s in great shape too, which you’ll see if you keep scrolling down.
     He is the son of Anne Rice. Just in case you’re wondering. He’s actually pretty modest considering his famous Mom and everything. Oh, and he went to the same New Orleans private school as Peyton and Eli Manning (while Peyton was still there).
     He’s got a great sense of humor, too. If you follow him on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll know exactly what I mean. He’s also gay, which means God is indeed quite generous. He’s modest about his looks, too. At least in the ways a person should be modest about them. And he’s not so modest in ways that benefit the rest of us—again, you’ll know what I mean if you keep scrolling down.

     Last but not least, he’s a good sport. He was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award in 2014, losing out to Stephen King. He promised all his fans that, if he failed to win the Stoker, he would post a naked selfie. No one can say he didn’t keep his word. Too bad his hand didn’t shake a little when he took the pic below:

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