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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Tim Tebow's Girlfriend

     So, I saw a report on Yahoo about Tim Tebow and his new girlfriend livin’ it up at a bowling alley in Jacksonville, Florida. That’s a fair thing to do during the Jets’ bye week, I suppose. But I call sham on anyone who thinks this girl is his legitimate girlfriend. Young woman have something else to worry about and it isn’t his girlfriend. Tim Tebow is a very gay man, which means the girls swooning over him really won’t have a chance.
     I don’t say he’s gay as a negative thing (obviously), but more of a statement of fact. Mannerisms and clichés don’t mean everything. Some very straight-acting men have turned out to be gay and vice versa. But I don’t buy that in his case. If you ask me, it has more to do with the fact that he’s very Catholic and could never come out of the closet or even come to terms with his sexuality for himself.
     He’s a very good looking dude, though. With a body like his, why not put it to better use with the same sex?

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