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Sunday, 25 November 2012

"Gay" Love in the Age of Zombies - Something New in Gay Horror


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     Chip Morris, book worm extraordinaire, must come to grips with his crush on jock Junior Bentley who has tormented him for years. Worse, he must do so during the zombie apocalypse and while the entire world has gone mad. Their escape from chaos brings them together to lead a life they never thought possible.
     In this coming of age, LGBT young adult novel, the strength of the meek overcomes the power of the strong, and the possibilities for the modern family are re-imagined.

I want to recommend this book partly because I'm a huge horror fan, but also because I wish more books like this one had been around even a few years ago. Sure, lots of lgbt teen books are now in print, but I can only think of maybe one or two others that fall into the horror genre. I haven't read a book exactly like this before and it definitely does something different. Check it out -- it's available in all formats as an e-book and is also available in print at Amazon.


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