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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Guy of the Week: Matthew Vines

Matthew Vines might not seem like a logical choice to be profiled here, what with so many spotlights going to athletes with big muscles and exceptional rear ends. But there’s so much to be said about more intellectual guys. I, for one, have always had a thing for guys who’re not just smart but who’re endlessly ambitious. Matthew Vines is just one of those guys.
     If you haven’t heard of him, Vines is the author of God and the Gay Christian. A few years back, this Wichita Baptist cutie took time off from his studies at Harvard to research the subject of The Bible and homosexuality with the goal of proving that homosexuality is not a sin. His Youtube lecture on the subject went viral and he quickly became well-known. Since then he’s become something of a figure head for this topic.
     But back to his hotness. He’s got a real preppie thing going, which he wears perfectly. Maybe he could get away with the twink look, but the argyle sweaters definitely suit him better. He’s also one of those guys that doesn’t need muscles or even extra stature to be gorgeous. He’s quite striking the way he is.
     Oh, and for the drool-factor, I made sure to add a picture of him with a beard.

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