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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Guy of the Week: Travis Lane Stork

Travis Lane Stork Looking Mighty Fine

     I’m really not a fan of day time television. Travis Stork of ABC’s The Doctors gives me a little something to cheer up about, though. He’s done a lot for his age . . . wait a second: the guy is just over forty years old! Indeed, he looks darn good for a guy who’s technically not so young anymore. Must be following his own advice on health, fitness and nutrition and such.
Travis Stork Looking Ultra Sexy
     Dr. Stork does have some natural good looks, though. And I like ginger-haired guys . . . well, depending on the ginger-haired guy. I managed to scrape up a shirtless pic of the good doctor. They’re not hard to find and I’m glad he doesn’t seem to be ashamed of his body or anything.

A Shirtless Travis Stork is What we All Want to See

     Can’t you just picture what you’d like to have Travis Stork do to you? I for one think I would go to see him about my prostate. After all, that would give him plenty of reason to bend me over and put his finger in me. Oh, come on guys, don’t say you weren’t thinking the same thing!


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